Lloyd Langford Expedition Training is an outdoor services, education and training provider. Based in Sheffield but operating nationally, we run a number of adventure, technical skills and National Governing Body recognised courses, weekend adventures and foreign expeditions. We’re proud to boast a relaxed and professional approach to helping our clients learn and achieve their goals during our courses.

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Looking to venture further afield for your next adventure? We have a wide range of paddlesport expeditions throughout the Balkan Peninsula

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Absolute Montenegro

White Water Kayak Expedition, 2018

"I recently came back from an 8 man kayaking trip to Montenegro. 6 days of incredible white water kayaking, but there was also a significant amount of cultural additions that really made it a fantastic trip!  Great effort from the three guys who ran it."

Desmond McGee,

White Water Kayaker

Introduction to Skiing Course, 2018

"As someone who had never skied before and felt they’d missed the opportunity through college and family holidays in previous years, I was a little nervous to potentially commit to a week on the nursery slopes and possibly my backside, however through Davids exceptional coaching I completed my first non assisted red run by the last hour on day 3! Everything that proceeded this moment I considered a bonus.

I’m afraid I can’t express how beyond my expectations the teaching on this course was, but what can you expect from a former national team skier!"

James Ryan,


16 Hour Outdoor Pursuits First Aid Course, 2018

"A really great 2 day outdoor first aid course for our group at Leeds University. Ross is lovely and we all learnt loads. There was a great balance of practical scenarios and informed teaching, and it was all adapted for our needs/wants too. I'm sure we'll all feel safer and more confident doing first aid on the river now!"

Emily Laura,

Leeds University Student & White Water Kayaker

Absolute Bosnia & Herzegovina

White Water Kayak Expedition, 2018

"Chris, Ross and David make an amazing team. They all have a cracking sense of humour and are great to work with. They took my group and I to Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovenia on a multi river white water kayak expedition in 2018. Chris ensured everybody felt incredibly safe whilst pushing themselves on the river, and through his coaching all of our alpine river paddling skills advanced massively.

Its clear to see that everybody who works for this company clearly loves what they do!"

Peter Burn,

Freelance Outdoor Instructor

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